Journey to Mrs. World

Mrs. Canada 2021

As Mrs. Canada World Solange is committed to inspiring leaders to create positive change globally.  As an international leader, speaker and philanthropist, Solange shares her message of resilience, hard-work and determination while advancing women and girls’ leadership and advocating for the most vulnerable children internationally.

As the President and CEO of Elevate International, a UNICEF Canada Ambassador and Co-founder of Naylah’s Legacy, Solange is helping the most vulnerable children globally and continues to elevate women and girls’ leadership in our society.

As Mrs. Canada World, Solange looks forward to continue advancing her platform to Elevate Girls globally with the hopes of becoming Mrs. World 2021. 

Solange is the first Canadian woman to have won both the Miss and Mrs. Canada titles numerously  As a national title-holder, Solange has represented Canada internationally, and the first Canadian woman to win multiple international titles.

From a young age as Miss Canada to winning multiple national and international titles along the way to now leading in our society as Mrs. Canada World; today Solange is on the journey to Mrs. World, a dream that once seemed impossible but through resilience and determination, Solange is inspiring women and young girls around the world to not be defined by their circumstances. 

Since 2005 Solange has dedicated the past 15 years advocating for children. She has used every title as a platform to raise awareness and advancing humanitarian efforts to save the lives of the most vulnerable children globally.  Her philanthropic work has resulted in helping to raise more than $2 million dollars, giving access to water, sanitation and hygiene programs that provided 4.3 million households access to clean water.

“This journey wouldn’t be possible without the incredible leaders, international partners and community builders who continue to support continuously. Thank you for being part of my journey and I look forward to representing all the young girls with big dreams at the Mrs. International Competition in July 2020.” – Solange Tuyishime 

To every girl: “Never giver up and keep shinning your light!”

As Mrs. Canada World I am committed to: 


 Strengthing my 11 year partnership with UNICEF, I am committed to  expand my fundraising efforts while inspiring leaders to advance children’s education globally.


As a speaker, I travel around the world empowering girls. In collaboration with my international partners, I will deliver more leadership programs for girls globally.


As the founder of Elevate International, I am uniting thousands of women each year through conferences, my goal is to expand my work from 6 to 10 countries.

Solange is the president and CEO of Elevate International. Elevate International is an organization dedicated to inspire, empower, and elevate women and girls through leadership, economic power and philanthropy.  

From a young girl who was once a refugee to a UNICEF Canada Ambassador, Solange provides real-life stories demonstrating the impact of philanthropy and shares advice on various ways you can change the world, one action at a time.

Solange’s perseverance continues to inspire leaders to create positive change globally. As a leader, Solange is advancing women and girls’ leadership while also helping the most vulnerable children internationally.

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Through her numerous moments of devastation, Solange share stories of empowerment and guidance on strength, courage and wisdom.