“Growing up I had everything a child could want and need. Unexpectedly, due to war and genocide, at 11 years old I found myself in the middle of the refugee camp, living on the bare minimum, walking more than 10 kilometres just to access clean drinking water and sleeping in a single tent with our entire family. As a little girl in the middle of that chaos, I would often ask myself “Who will come for me?”

After witnessing too many children lose their parents and the opportunities to build a life they deserve, I made a promise to myself that when I grow up, I will dedicate my life to making this world a better place.

In 2018 I had the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing, hardworking youth in South Africa looking for healthy opportunities to build a strong future for themselves.

With my philosophy of it takes a village and while very proud of the work UNICEF is leading, I knew that it would take many heart-centered leaders to advance more girls in education.

Thank you for joining me on this UNdaunted journey.”

Yours truly,

Uniting efforts with UNICEF Canada to create unprecedented progress towards education for all girls.

Solange has been advocating for the most vulnerable children for over 10 years. In her role as UNICEF Canada Ambassador, Solange has been the spokesperson for National UNICEF Day in Canada, and has been actively advocating for children’s rights to quality education and access to clean water. Solange has visited UNICEF’s Early Childhood programs in Jamaica and has visited UNICEF funded education programs in Haiti.

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Solange is the president and CEO of Elevate International. Elevate International is an organization dedicated to inspire, empower, and elevate women and girls through leadership, economic power and philanthropy.  

From a young girl who was once a refugee to a UNICEF Canada Ambassador, Solange provides real-life stories demonstrating the impact of philanthropy and shares advice on various ways you can change the world, one action at a time.

Solange’s perseverance continues to inspire leaders to create positive change globally. As a leader, Solange is advancing women and girls’ leadership while also helping the most vulnerable children internationally.

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Through her numerous moments of devastation, Solange share stories of empowerment and guidance on strength, courage and wisdom.