"It takes a village to elevate"

Inspiring leaders to make the world better

Solange Tuyishime


Leaders globally to create erosive change and make this world better for every woman and child.


The next generation to take on social impact leadership roles with confidence in their communities.


Women and girls to advance as leaders and create the change that they want to see in the world.

Meet Solange

Solange Tuyishime is an International Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Philanthropist and the current Mrs. Canada World 2021. Solange is the President and CEO of Elevate International, Co-Founder of Naylah’s Legacy, a UNICEF Canada Ambassador and Mrs. Canada International 2019.

As an international speaker, Solange inspires leaders in social and corporate responsibility and heart-centred leadership, while also helping encouraging young men and women around the world to rise above their circumstances and take their dreams to new heights.

In her leadership role with Elevate International, Solange has dedicated her life to elevating women and girls through the advancement of leadership, economic growth and community building. As a UNICEF Canada ambassador, Solange works to help save the lives of mothers and children living in comprising situations.

Solange is the current Mrs. Canada International 2019, making her the first Canadian woman to have won both the Miss and Mrs. Canada titles. As Mrs. Canada International, she is dedicating her title to delivering leadership programs for women and girls locally and globally.

Solange’s experience as a young refugee has led her to a profound calling and investment to elevate the next generation of female leaders. Through her efforts to support and inspire, young leaders have risen above their circumstances to contribute  to positive changes in their communities.

As a philanthropist and heart-centred leader, Solange is committed to her missions and engage leaders to inspire, empower and elevate others.

Solange is the president and CEO of Elevate International. Elevate International is an organization dedicated to inspire, empower, and elevate women and girls through leadership, economic power and philanthropy.  

From a young girl who was once a refugee to a UNICEF Canada Ambassador, Solange provides real-life stories demonstrating the impact of philanthropy and shares advice on various ways you can change the world, one action at a time.

Solange’s perseverance continues to inspire leaders to create positive change globally. As a leader, Solange is advancing women and girls’ leadership while also helping the most vulnerable children internationally.

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Through her numerous moments of devastation, Solange share stories of empowerment and guidance on strength, courage and wisdom.